Beautiful color year after year

Well planned perennial gardens offer color throughout the growing season and like a good wine get better with time.We pride ourselves in having the area's most complete selection of common and unique perennials. Stop in and let our designers help you design your dream perennial gardens. We will work with you to put together a design to meet your taste. We will also gladly provide planting and seasonal care advice to help with the enjoyment of your new plantings.

Steps to beautiful perennial gardens

1. Location:  Sun vs Shade.  Sun loving perennials prefer a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight. Shade loving plants prefer full or partial shade for best growth.  Purchase perennials that best fit into the sun exposure in your gardens for maximum performance. 

2. Create unique shapes. Whether developing an island or a foundation planting, flowing shapes create interest and soften architectural lines.

3. Design for color from spring through fall. Starting with spring blooming bulbs plant for constant color.

4. Plant in groupings of three or more. Groupings add flow and simplicity to your garden. Groupings also give a large splash of color. Repeat groupings in strategic locations throughout your garden.

5. Mix leaf colors, textures and shapes to add visual interest.

6. Prepare your soil for before planting. Plants with healthy roots produce robust flowers. Amend your soil with the proper amounts of organic matter, fertility and pH adjustment. Soil tests are a valuable tool in preparing your soil.

7. Mulch your plantings with a quality organic mulch. Mulch helps maintain moisture, controls weeds and adds to the future fertility of your soil. Example mulches are shredded bark, cocoa shells and compost.

8. Periodic care provides lasting beauty. Pruning, deadheading and pest prevention improve plant appearance and stimulate new blooms. Divide overcrowded plants to rejuvenate growth in spring or fall.

9. Take time to enjoy your flowers. Contact us at Millhome Nursery to assist you in all your plant selection and care needs. We carry plants, soil amendments, fertilizers and pest control products to help you with all your perennial growing needs.